Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Björk necklace - piece from collection "Imperfect perfection"

The emotion we can hear takes, in our ears, the shape of the nature we are contemplating. The beauty of its expression is boundless. Björk is singing.

     The genuine and original manner in which she expresses herself artistically have influenced and continue to influence everyone which is vibrating at the same frequency with Björk, one of the most talented and complex artists on Earth. It’s clear: this vast creative human being loves nature in a way that she almost becomes one with nature. And, of course, nature knows no limits.
      The jewel which was inspired to me by Björk has a lot of its characteristics borrowed from nature, the most honest of all elements surrounding us. The positioning of this jewel is in the chest area, the place in which it is said that our emotions are preserved. The shape and size of the white wooden medallion are like those of one of nature’s perfect forms: a honeycomb. A hexagonal shaped soul made to be kept close to one's own soul. The other two elements placed on each side of the medallion are also two hexagonal shapes, made out of two rare wood essences: Sapelli and Meranti. Like the numerous edges of a hexagon, the multiple self reinventions of the extraordinary being called Björk are always a pleasantly abrupt invitation to an entire change of perspective. 
Written by Aurora Dan 

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